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Melissa Reid

O: 801-352-8000

I'm happy to prepare a free, custom report based on your needs. Share your email by signing up below and include any pertinent info you'd like me to research. If you're not sure, we can discuss. Spamming not included. :)

These are the top ten skills and capabilities you should know about me as you think about a partnership with a real estate professional.

Check out what I consider my personal attributes of success and if they resonate with you – we should definitely have a conversation!

1-A 20-year, award-winning marketing and sales veteran with a passion for marketing and selling products and services.

2-I’m accustomed to achieving my goals and I never, ever give up—and my main goal is to help you achieve yours.

3-A strong work ethic – I take pride in working hard AND smart.

4. The ability to have a direct, open and honest conversation and with respect to all parties.

5-I totally understand that buying and selling your home is a huge milestone in your life and I treat it as my own personal milestone.

6-It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a Realtor® and serve others in this capacity. I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

7-Proud Utahn that appreciates the diversity and opportunity in our state.

8- I’ve been called a “collector of people” over the years. I so enjoy the diversity and individuality of people and know it helps me to be a better person and Realtor® for all whom I serve.

9-The journey of helping you buy or sell your home is as rewarding to me as the destination of you owning a place you can call home.

10. About me personally: Practicing foodie, fashion junkie, bookworm, concertgoer, lover of family, devoted friend, lucky wife.

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