Murisa Van Vorce - Blazevic

    My name is Murisa Van Vorce-Blazevic, and I'm your neighborhood Realtor®.
    I'm an immigrant from Bosnia, now proud USA citizen, and Utah resident for many years.
    I speak English with an accent, and I make grammar mistakes on daily basis,
    which amuses my American husband a lot.

    For years I was a single mom and I supported my family working as a nurse. Through my nursing job, I've met people from all over the world, and made life-long friends.
    I've been through war, divorce, home foreclosure, and bankruptcy in the past.
    It's true, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    Today, I live in a beautiful home in West Jordan with my family.
    We have fruit trees, dogs and chickens.

    I work as a Realtor® and as an investor, and I love my job. I also work with a great team of real estate professionals—loan officers who close your loans every time, inspectors who find any trouble spots, escrow officers who have you sign all the right papers, and a skilled brokerage that all work hard to put that big smile on our client’s faces at the end of each purchase or sale!

    Now, you know my story. Call me and tell me yours. We can meet for a cup of coffee or tea and talk.
    I would be honored to become your Realtor®.
    I can help you sell, buy, move, invest...
    I'll answer your questions, or find answers for you.
    I'll tell you how I did it.
    You can do it too. Let's do it together!
    Give me call today!

    -Your neighborhood Realtor®
    Murisa Van Vorce-Blazevic

    Murisa Van Vorce - Blazevic

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