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Are Open Houses Still Relevant In and Around Salt Lake City?

While real estate websites now provide endless resources for touring a home online, nothing beats the experience of walking through the property itself. Even though open houses may not be for every home or property, they definitely still have a place in the real estate world. Especially when the market is inundated with first-time homebuyers, open houses can work to the homeowners benefit in order to create a buzz and have higher foot traffic.

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Why Open Houses Can be a Solid Option

Today, homebuyers have the internet, but those beautiful photos don’t show buyers everything. Open houses serve as an excellent opportunity for people to walk through a home without the pressure of a solo-showing. Incoming buyers at open houses, along with agents, will spread the word if your home is move-in ready and worth the buzz. For several buyers open houses are one of the only ways for them to see houses if they have children for example and need to hit several homes at once.

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How to Avoid the Biggest Open House Mistakes

Several avoidable mistakes can cause an otherwise serious buyer to look at the next house on his list. These include a messy home with dishes in the sink and beds unmade; sellers in the home during an open house – buyers may be uncomfortable if they can’t talk openly; a messy home exterior, with weeds and obvious yard debris; along with children and pets underfoot. Make sure all of your personal effects are either stored or put away for the open house since they can be distracting and hard for the buyer to imagine themselves in the home.

Best Open House Practices

Make sure your agent has ample information for your open house. Buyers are more likely to learn of your open house online, but your agent should prepare both online and print materials in order to spread the word.

  • Advertise your open house with a yard sign. These signs tell those driving by that your home will be open on a specific day and time.
  • Clear your home of everything that is hyper personal in order to avoid distracting buyers. It’s a good idea to remove these items because your home will look bigger.
  • Get help from your neighbors. You can’t be there to talk about your house, but they can.
  • Take the pets and your children with you for the afternoon. Allow your house to take center stage.
  • Schedule your open house for a time when you’ll have less competition from other sellers. This gives serious buyers more time to look at your house.

Getting Creative

Sellers can make their home stand out from others by making them look more attractive. Cleaning the front yard and planting flowers can add to its look. Washing the windows of every room in the house can make it look as though the seller pays close attention to small details.

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