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    5090 S.1130 W, Taylorsville, UT 84123

    By Admin | October 31, 2013

    The lovely suburb of Taylorsville, UT has plenty of wonderful homes for people to move into. See Full Listing In addition, sitting at 5090 S. 1130 W., just a short walk away from the Jordan River, there’s a great house that stands out amongst them. The basics for this house This 2,414 square foot, 40... Read More

    11906 S Oxford Farms Dr., Riverton, UT 84065

    By Admin | September 27, 2013

    Solitude. Convenience. Beauty. Location. See Full Listing Four words that describe this gorgeous home located in Riverton, Utah. Let us examine all of them a little further. Solitude Located on the far south side of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, the location of this residence is far away from the hustle and bustle of... Read More

    5852 W Friendship Dr., Herriman, UT 84096

    By Admin | September 25, 2013

    In the suburb of Herriman, UT, about 15 miles from Salt Lake city, there are many great houses for sale. See Full Listing In Herriman Heights on the south end of town, at 5852 W. Friendship Drive, there’s a truly luxurious house that can be counted among them. The basics for this house Even the... Read More

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