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    How to Help the Kids Adjust

    If you’re moving in to the Salt Lake City region from another part of Utah or outside of the state and you have children, you’ve probably given some thought as to how they’re going to handle the move. From toddler to teenager, the prospect of a new home, a new school and having to make new friends can range from daunting to frightening. Let’s take a look at a few quick tips for helping the kids adjust to life in a new home.

    How to Help the Kids Adjust

    Go into the Move with Realistic Expectations

    While there’s a chance that your children will be excited at all of the opportunities that moving to a new home provides, they’re likely to be apprehensive or fearful of some part of the adventure. As a parent you’ll need to have realistic expectations of your children to prevent them from feeling that they’re being a burden. Ask them to share their thoughts and feelings about moving, including what they will miss the most when you leave your current home. You may find that you can quite easily replace whatever is lost, helping your child ease into your new life more quickly.

    Explore Family Friendly Communities In and Around Salt Lake City

    Help with Making New Friends

    Children – especially those of school age – are very social, so one of their main concerns will be having to make new friends. Parents can assist with this by introducing children to other neighborhood kids, or by bringing them along to parks, community centers and other places where children are playing. While younger children can typically make new friends while playing, teenagers tend to be more particular about the social circles that they associate with. It might take some time for teenagers to make new friends, but thankfully with the advent of social networks like Facebook and mobile apps like Snapchat, they can stay in touch with those friends they left behind.

    Local Sports Teams and Other Recreational Activities

    If your child likes to play team sports, getting them integrated into the area should be rather easy. There are numerous sports leagues operating in Salt Lake County, including SLC Little League baseball, UTE Conference Football, the Utah Youth Soccer Association and much more. There’s also an endless amount of other outdoor activities to be had in and around Salt Lake City, such as skiing or hiking in the nearby national parks and canyons.

    If Things Get Rough, Stay Positive

    Regardless of how weary and stressed the moving process leaves you, as a parent you’re going to need to stay positive and lead by example. Your child or children may resist your new home at first, but by showing them that they will make new friends and find new things to do, they will come around and begin enjoying the local lifestyle eventually. Keep a smile on your face – it’s only a matter of time before everyone is settled in!

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