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Retiring in Salt Lake City

The valuable investment of living in Salt Lake City for retirement is the best decision you can make. Taking up hobbies and volunteer work as well as getting to know the city are easy to do here. You now have the time to rediscover your passions in a whole new way and practice skills that you love. There’s time to give back to the community, which forms rewarding friendships and lifelong benefits. There’s also the opportunity to travel and explore your city. Salt Lake City residents will find that the city has so much to offer its retired residents.


Craft Lake City is a website and organization designated to elevating the creative culture of Utah. By going to you can search for workshops, exhibits and even sign up to volunteer. If you’ve had trouble finding the hobby you love, check out the workshops and try out some new things. If you already have a hobby you love, you can find exhibits that you’ll enjoy attending. There are are also dates for DIY craft show. Another website you might enjoy is This knitting house can teach you to knit, teach you new patterns, and help you create things a social environment.

Salt Lake City has so many ways to help facilitate and discover your passions and hobbies. You’ll enjoy taking a look all around your city and finding things that help you fill and enjoy your free time!

Salt Lake City Retirement
Photo by Doug Kerr

Volunteering is a great way to find volunteer work that sparks your passions. You can enter your zip code in the search box and find opportunities close to home. However, the Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City is always in need of some help. This specific opportunity will help you give back to your own city in a very important way. They would love to have you Monday-Thursday from Noon to 9PM, Friday from 10AM to 5PM and Saturday from 8AM to 2PM.

Exploring the City

The Salt Lake County Aging Services as well as the Aging and Adult Services department both provide great resources for retired and senior adults that my need help getting around. You can even have transportation service pick you up and take you to the hospital in non-emergencies, like appointments. Salt Lake City is very committed to its senior and disabled community. There also many assistant living facilitates that the Salt Lake County Aging Services can work with you to find.

Now that you’ve retired, you have the freedom to discover new passions and places. Salt Lake City has all kinds of attractions and hidden gems to see with a rich history. There is a great platform to discover your hobbies and excite your passions. The joy of volunteering and giving back is always available to you here. Don’t forget that Salt Lake City has resources to cater to needs of the retired and disabled that can be accessed through Salt Lake County Aging Services and the Aging and Adult Services department. As you start to join these activities, you’ll find there is so much more to look forward to. Make the right choice when settling down for your retirement. Enjoy your retirement the Salt Lake City way!

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