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Selling by the End of the Summer in Salt Lake City

There’s great news for those seeking to sell their Salt Lake City home this summer. The real estate market has seen an increase in prices, more square footage under construction than in the recent years, less days on the market for listed properties and with reasonable interest rates, mortgages are easier to obtain. As a result, home values should continue to rise with the high demand for homes. The market has officially begun to stabilize and is growing tremendously, which indicates that this summer may be the optimal time to sell your home. If you do decide to sell and need to do so before the end of the summer, consult our tips below:

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Curb Appeal in Tip Top Shape

Summer temperatures bring green grass, trees in full foliage and flowers in bloom. All of these make it the perfect time of year to showcase the best aspects of your home causing it to really stand out. Keep in mind though, this also means that you will need to be more diligent in maintaining the exterior of your home, as well as your yard.

  • Keep your yard mowed and remove any weeds throughout the summer.
  • Create engaging curb appeal: plant flowers in highly visible places, prune shrubs and arrange lawn furniture to look more appealing and clean all summer long.
  • Paint your house if necessary and fix any other issues that are in obvious disrepair.

Remember, the exterior of your home will give the buyers a first impression of your home and we all know how important first impressions can be.

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Interior Upkeep

You need to focus equally on the exterior and interior of your home. So keep in mind these key things regarding the interior of your home:

  • Consider removing heavy drapes and replacing them with something light and airy
  • Make sure that your cooler is working properly to keep your house cooler than usual, or use a fan to circulate air
  • Use fresh flowers rather than heavy commercial air fresheners to deodorize your home and give it a pleasant aroma

Make Visitors Welcome

Another handy tip is to provide refreshing drinks and appealing summertime snacks during an open house showing of your home. Use your favorite recipes or search the web for unique ideas. Your home should be kept at an agreeable temperature as well in order to make incoming buyers comfortable. This also lets them know that their potential future home has a functioning air system.

Incentivize Your Sale

If need be, considering offering incentives to expedite the sale. If you need to sell by the end of the summer because of relocation, you have already purchased another home, your children are starting school or any other reason, these incentives can make a sale happen in your specific timeframe:

  • Quick closings
  • Decor allowances
  • A year of paid home warranty or homeowners’ fees
  • Offer to pay closing costs

Choosing to sell your home during the summertime months presents some challenges that aren’t issues for those who are selling in the springtime months. Maintaining a well manicured yard and exterior, while at the same time keeping your interior fresh and breezy is the biggest challenge. It’s best to view this challenge as an opportunity to make your property stand out above the rest. Stay motivated by reminding yourself that the market is doing well, and before you know it your efforts will be rewarded with the sell of your home. If you would like more information on selling your home this summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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