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Sundance Film Festival ‘Fringe Events’ Spotlight

The Sundance Film Festival is being held in Park City, Utah for 2014. The complete dates are from January 16 through 26. There is a wide range of tickets available for the festival itself – and then there are also a number of fringe events that are taking place around the city.

The Actual Film Festival

The Film Festival is being held for the most part at the Utah Film Center. This makes it possible to see a lot of films without having to travel around the city too much. For those who are coming out of town, there are plenty of lodging guides to make it easy to figure out where to stay. Many fly into Salt Lake City in order to get to Park City.

Sundance Kids

This is a part of the 2014 film festival and is held on January 18. It is programmed in collaboration with Tumbleweeds and Sundance Institute. Designed for children 5 and older, it allows children to watch some of the different movies that are being released around the globe.

Sundance-Film-Festival-2010-3-12-09-kc Free Fail Café

At the Filmmaker Lodge inside of the Elks Building on Main Street, artists and filmmakers will take an in-depth look at failures. When the creative processes have failed, people notice it. A variety of actors and filmmakers will be present to have a discussion about the failures that are made in film.

How Many Wrongs Make a Right?

Staying with the art of failure, the Filmmaker Lodge will have another discussion on January 20th. Panelists will include Graham Taylor, Tom Quinn and John Battsek. It will be moderated by Kyle Buchanan of New York Magazine.

Choosing a Venue

Short films, documentaries, premiers, and movies of other categories will be shown in a number of venues. To ensure that a person doesn’t have to travel too far to see what is being shown, the films will jump around to many of the venues. Top venues include the Library Center Theatre in Park City, the Broadway Centre Cinema in Salt Lake City, the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, and the Sundance Resort Screening Room at the Sundance Resort.

Buying Tickets

When it comes to buying tickets to any of the fringe events at the Film Festival, it’s important to check the program guide in advance. Many of the venues limit the tickets sold. As the festival gets closer, many of the tickets are sold out, making it impossible to attend the events that one wants to attend.

Those who live in and around Park City are fortunate enough to get to attend the Sundance Film festival without having to fly in or worry about transportation. While people come from all over the country, it is those who live in Utah that gain the maximum benefits because the planning is not as intense. No one has to worry about booking airfare or booking a hotel room.

Tickets can be purchased by the event, by the day or for the entire festival, depending on what a person wants to see. Visit the official website at for more information.

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