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Tips To Selling Your Home When You Have Kids

David Goehring,
David Goehring,

Selling your home while trying to juggle the needs of your children is a difficult prospect that will test your patience. During the selling process, you will need to develop a strategy to take care of your children while keeping your home in excellent condition. Through planning and the help of family and friends, you and your family can survive and still sell your house.

Pack a Survival Kit

If you’re willing to be flexible when it comes to home showings, you’ll probably have an easier time selling your home. Packing a survival kit for you and your kids will help you leave the house as soon as you get a call about a showing.

Your kit should include snacks for the kids and some small activities, such as coloring books. You can take your family to a park or a friend’s house to pass the time during the showing.

Insist on Notice for Showings

If you find it too difficult to get your children out the door when a potential buyer wants to see your house, start insisting that agents give you 24 hours’ notice. This will give you plenty of time to schedule an activity for your children and fully clean the house.

Make a Checklist

Each time you leave the house for a showing, you probably need to run through a few tasks to quickly spruce up your home. These tasks could include closing all the toilet lids, wiping the kitchen counter and taking out the trash. If you forget individual tasks, use your smartphone to make a checklist.

Keep Kids’ Items Contained

Keeping all of your children’s toys in one room can help you quickly clean the house for a showing. If you don’t already have a playroom, consider converting an office or den into one. Invest in additional storage to help you organize and quickly put away your children’s toys before each showing. If you still have too many toys to store comfortably, consider renting a storage unit or asking a family member to hold on to some belongings for you.

Involve Your Kids

Involving your kids in the upkeep of your home is a good way to stop them from making additional messes while giving yourself a few extra pairs of helping hands. Give your children some easy tasks, such as sweeping the floor or wiping the kitchen table.

Ask for Help

If you only have a couple of hours to prepare your home for an open house, call on a neighbor or family member to help you. Your work will go much more smoothly if you can drop the kids off at a neighbor’s house. Once you’ve finished selling your home, you can return the favor by offering to do some babysitting for your helpers.

If you have a large family, you may find it challenging to sell your home while keeping your sanity intact. With a little planning and help from your children, you can survive the selling experience.


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