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Using a Realtor to Maximize Selling Potential

The process of selling a home can be quite stressful, even under the best of circumstances. Homeowners who attempt to sell their home on their own often find that the task is virtually impossible and full of obstacles.

Fortunately, it is easy to hire a licensed Realtor to handle the responsibility of selling your home. These real estate professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to get your home sold faster and more efficiently than you could on your own. Keep reading to find out why it is better to use a Realtor when selling your home.

MLS Listings

The MLS is an effective tool for buying and selling real estate. Most buyers turn to the MLS listings to conduct their entire house search. The only way to get your home listed in the MLS is to be a licensed real estate agent, broker or Realtor. The average homeowner would not be able to access many of these marketing tools without the help of a Realtor.

More Exposure

When you decide to hire a Realtor, they will do everything possible to get your home sold. They may hold an open house, show your home to prospective buyers, or pass the word around about the availability of your property. Homeowners who try to sell on their own do not have the luxury of this extra exposure.

Reluctant Buyers

Many buyers are uncomfortable viewing a home if the owner is there. They will also be less likely to ask any questions they might have about your home while in your presence. Hiring a real estate agent to handle prospective buyer interactions will create a buffer. This allows buyers to look at your home without coming off as rude or offensive.

Setting the Right Price

Most homeowners who create their own listings tend to overprice their homes. For various reasons, these sellers feel that their home is worth more than similar homes that have recently sold in their area.

It is harder for them to look at their home and price it correctly. A Realtor will be able to conduct a professional assessment to determine a list price that is appropriate for the property.

Avoid Legal Issues

There are many different laws that govern the selling and transferring of real estate. Homeowners who are unaware of these laws may end up making costly mistakes without the guidance of a Realtor. Many sellers who try to navigate their state’s real estate laws on their own have found themselves the target of a lawsuit.

Selling real estate is not quite as cut and dry as some people believe. There are many important details that can make selling your home quite difficult if you are trying to go it alone. Hiring a licensed Realtor can dramatically reduce the stress and confusion of the entire process.

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