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Emigration Oaks, Emigration Canyon, UT

Emigration Oaks in Emigration Canyon, Utah

Emigration Oaks, Emigration Canyon, UT

Emigration Canyon is a township in Salt Lake City that has been declared a National Historic Landmark; the pioneers who entered the territory during the middle-1800s used this route.

There are many homes that are currently for sale in one of its neighborhoods, Emigration Oaks, which is really the only sizable community in the canyon at present, and if you are looking for a new place of residence in Salt Lake City then you might want to consider this area, which we shall describe in detail.

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The Nature of the Neighborhood

A look at the various houses for sale in Emigration Oaks shows just what kind of neighborhood it is. Though part of the Salt Lake City-Ogden metropolitan area, itself rather small in comparison with the major ones like New York City and Chicago, Emigration Oaks is essentially a rural community, with the houses resembling those in such an area.

The majority of them are quaint and simply designed and are surrounded by miles of wide open wilderness. Some of them are nestled snugly in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Others are in the midst of desert and sagebrush. Many of them have been built to resemble old log cabins. Emigration Oaks is indeed a beautiful place in which to live, although it might be a long drive from work!


Emigration Oaks sports several noteworthy seafood restaurants. One is Sea Salt, which serves what is by far the best clam chowder in the whole city.

Another place is I Love Sushi, where you can have snow crab legs. New Akasaka Restaurant offers seafood specials, as does Market Street Grill three days a week.


The area surrounding Emigration Oaks is among the most spectacular in the country. The roads are lined with imposing hills that look even more beautiful in the winter, when they are covered with snow.

Growing on the hills are small red brush plants that add color to an otherwise dull scene; in other places the ground is saturated with grass and bushes. Many people like to go hiking and biking here. This is certainly a wonderful place to live.


Emigration Oaks happens to be located near many places that attract tourists, so you should consider yourself lucky if you happen to have them at your own doorstep. Besides the natural points of interest described in the previous section, the vicinity of Emigration Oaks has many manmade ones.

Hogle Zoo is the main zoo in Salt Lake City; it houses animals from different ecosystems and once was home to the world’s only liger (an offspring of a male lion and a tigress). As mentioned above, Emigration Canyon is a National Historic Landmark, with many of the places where Mormons camped being well preserved. At one point along the way you can see a pair of rusty wagon wheels.

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