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Federal Heights, Salt Lake City, UT

Federal Heights in Salt Lake City, Utah

Federal Heights, Salt Lake City, UT

Since 1907, the easily recognizable large, white, block “U” has overlooked the University of Utah from the suburb of Federal Heights. This affluent neighborhood of Salt Lake City, UT, is bordered by the Wasatch Mountains in the north, and the University of Utah in the east and south.

This neighborhood, with homes dating from the early 1900’s, began as a settlement for soldiers stationed at nearby Fort Douglas. As the federal soldiers began making their homesteads, the area became known as Federal Heights.

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Life in Federal Heights

The affluent neighborhood is not only home to beautiful and gracious homes, but is also home to the University of Utah’s fraternity row. While Federal Heights has the charm of old money, it also has the excitement of college.

Friday nights in the University, bordered section of Federal Heights is often a party. A slightly less expensive area of Federal Heights, the west end with the university, is an eventful place to live.

Conveniences and Amenities

Shopping is limited in the Federal Heights area to mainly the university sponsored stores. For items other than college books, and clothes, residents will have leave the neighborhood. Federal Heights though, is in close proximity to several other neighborhoods, including downtown Salt Lake City.

While shopping may be limited, the suburb is home to several office spaces, and Research Park. East of the main campus are also several high ranking hospitals including, the University Hospital, the Huntsman Cancer Center, and a children’s hospital.

With its close proximity to downtown Salt Lake City, and an excellent public transportation system, traveling from Federal Heights to downtown is easy. In downtown Salt Lake, there is plenty of shopping to do.

Everything from chain retail stores, to one of a kind shops can be found. Art galleries and museums are open for visits, with fine dining also always an option.

Education in Federal Heights

Many parents in Federal Heights, and in Salt Lake City, choose to send their children to a private school for their educational needs.

For those who are school aged in Federal Heights, and who choose to attend a public school, most of these children will attend West High School, even though they reside closer to East High School.

In this way, many parents of Federal Heights feel that their children are receiving a better education even from a public school.

For an area rich in history and diversification, Federal Heights, inside of Salt Lake City, is different from any other neighborhood. A mix of both old money and college age noise, the two seem to blend seamlessly here in this neighborhood.

Close to both the downtown and the university, residents enjoy a diverse life. Beautiful homes and spectacular scenery from the Wasatch Mountains give residents here their own little piece of heaven.

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