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Ogden, Utah

Ogden has a little bit of something for nearly everyone. The mountain regions and the metropolitan atmosphere are both found here.

Majestic beauty is provided by the Wasatch Mountain Range. Colorful characters and legends are part of the history that depicts Ogden as developing from a lawless frontier. A sense of adventure is offered to those traveling and residing here.

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Three Indian tribes, the Great Salt Lake Fremont Indians, the Northern Shoshone and Goshute, were among the first known inhabitants. Fort Buenvaventura was the first permanent European settlement. Mormons bought the area for $1950 in 1847.

Ogden became an incorporated city in the year 1851. At that time only two other cities, Salt Lake City and San Francisco had been incorporated west of the Missouri River. The Mormon community built businesses and homes in the center of the community. It was surrounded by farms in the area outlying the town. Natural boundaries separated farm land from land being developed. The boundaries were created by the Ogden River as the northern boundary and the Weber River as the western boundary.

The transcontinental railroad changed the dynamics of the city. Ogden is sometimes referred to as “Junction City”. The Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads connected at Promontory Summit.

Citizens embraced the new industry. It was reported that the city welcomed the first train to arrive with a ceremony that included artillery fire, a band, train whistles blowing, and partying on the part of the inhabitants.

The city was bombarded with welcomed and unwelcomed guests. Twenty-fifth Street became know for business, dining, gossiping and shopping. Other not-so-desirable business ventures were started. Gambling, narcotic sales, prostitution, rape, robbery and murder were taking place. Supposedly, Al Capone thought the town was too wild for him.


Today, however, Ogden has one goal. That is to make visitors feel at homes as they experience a sense of adventure. Year round events, exciting attractions, and a bounty of recreational activities are provided by the locals. Citizens here are passionate about their colorful history and recreational opportunities.

The “Crossroads of the West” located in Ogden’s historical downtown district has the designation of being a national historic region. More Art Deco architecture examples are found in Ogden than in any other city in Utah. The Municipal Building, the Forest Regional Headquarters, and the High School are built in the Art Deco style.

No other resort, found in North America, has as much acreage as Powder Mountain. There are more than 20 campsites that are federally maintained. In the 230 miles maintained by the U.S. Forest Service, one can find hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

Ogden is only 30 minutes, or fewer, away from fresh water that spreads over 13,000 acres and provides both non-motorized and motorized water activities. Concrete launch pads and both class two and three rapids are located in the sole whitewater park of Ogden. Thirty-eight Ogden/Weber recreational parks can be enjoyed.

TV and film producers appreciate the beauty found here. The “Everwood” series produced by WB was filmed almost exclusively in Ogden. More than 45 other TV shows and films have been produced in the area.


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