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    South Jordan, Utah Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in South Jordan, Utah!

    South Jordan UT Homes for Sale

    About South Jordan In the background are beautiful mountain vistas. At the forefront, all-encompassing neighborhoods. As a town, South Jordan has seen immense growth in the past decade. Now, it’s a city that everyone wants to move to — and for good reason. If you want to live in a community with quality-built homes, little to no traffic congestion, and easy access to mass transit, then South Jordan is a city worth consideration.


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    South Jordan Homes for Sale

    South Jordan Homes for Sale

    What homes are for sale in South Jordan, UT?

    South Jordan’s real estate market is predominantly comprised of new construction properties. Because of the recent growth, it’s easy to find a lot where you can build your own custom home. So, searching for a home in South Jordan isn’t necessarily about “Does the home match my needs?” It’s more about where you can build. Getting what you want isn’t hard in South Jordan.

    If you’re looking for a home that’s already complete, you can find a variety of real estate that reflects ranch-style and contemporary architecture. Nearly every home is outfitted with modern amenities, giving you the comfort you want while preserving the character of the house style. For more information about South Jordan real estate, you can check out available listings here.


    Are you looking for a bigger home?

    Needs grow with time. If you’re searching for a bigger home to fill those gaps, then I’d recommend looking in South Jordan. Because of all the new homes being built, it’s easy to find properties that are up-to-date on current homeowner needs (which include more space). Some amenities you’ll enjoy with South Jordan real estate are spacious living areas to host guests and family, open floor plans, and appliances that make living even easier. To get started on your home search, click the button below:

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    South Jordan Neighborhoods

    South Jordan Neighborhoods

    Which neighborhoods do you recommend?

    For most homebuyers, choosing the right neighborhood is a matter of taste in the area’s real estate. Without talking to you, it’s hard to suggest which neighborhood might be best, but if I was to recommend any starting point, I would suggest looking at Daybreak. Featuring a wide array of housing styles, it’s easy to find a property that suits your lifestyle. Plus, the community has all the amenities you could ever want. Other communities you might want to try looking at include Rushton Meadows, Midas Creek, and High Pointe.


    Which neighborhoods are located near great schools?

    Schools in Salt Lake City Homes

    Jordan Ridge School (Grades K-6)

    Nearby Neighborhoods: Santorini Village & Hidden Spring Cove

    Residences Zoned for This School: View Homes for Sale

    Schools in Salt Lake City Homes

    South Jordan Middle School (Grades 7-9)

    Nearby Neighborhoods: Hidden Village & Jordan River Estates

    Residences Zoned for this School: View Homes for Sale

    Schools in Salt Lake City Homes

    Bingham High School (Grades 10-12)

    Nearby Neighborhoods: Wasatch Downs, Santorini Village, Herriman

    Residences Zoned for this School: View Homes for Sale


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    What are some of the major employers in South Jordan?

    Because of South Jordan’s unique location, you can find a variety of job opportunities between Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT. Career fields typically revolve around the technology, corporate, and religious sectors. Popular employers (located in South Jordan) include HireVue, AutoPoint, and Ultradent. Other major employers around the area include companies like Adobe, Oracle, and eBay. The majority of these companies are highly-rated among past employees, meaning you find a great place to work at near South Jordan.


    What are some popular things to do around South Jordan?






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    Looking for a home in South Jordan, UT?

    Finding the right home is as easy as selecting the right options in our customized search bar. You can narrow your home search by number of bedrooms, price point, and features. If you’re looking for a specific property in the South Jordan area, feel free to contact us for more information.


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