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Highland Park, Salt Lake City, UT

Highland Park in Salt Lake City, Utah

Highland Park, Salt Lake City, UT

A Quaint Neighborhood

Highland Park is just south of downtown in Salt Lake City, UT. The neighborhood is mostly residential, with very few retail places.

The neighborhood is characterized by distinct landscaping features. You will find the houses to have a similar feel to one another, in regards to looks. Most of the homes are moderate single-family homes.

In addition, you will not find many duplexes or apartment buildings, but there are some in the mix.

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Parley’s Creek

There is a small body of hidden water called Parley’s Creek, formerly known as Big Canyon Creek by Brigham Young. It was later renamed by Parley P. Pratt, who explored the canyon to see if a toll road could be built upon it. Today, the canyon is used as a major route to Salt Lake Valley.

Beautiful Landscaping

The landscaping in Highland Park is greatly influenced by the “City Beautiful” movement in Salt Lake City. The neighborhood has a high density of shade and fruit trees, decorative plants, and beautiful trees. Highland Park was built on the hillside, so grading was required for streets and so on. You’ll notice houses on the east side of each street has a similar terrace, which leads up to a flat lawn with the same height as neighboring properties. Houses on the west side however, have uniformly flat yards.

House Styles

The architectural style that prevails in Highland Park reflects the taste of the early twentieth-century. Twelve-percent of the homes have specifically a “Prairie” style.

This style emphasizes clean-cut angular lines; the style itself reduced the complex Victorian styled homes to a simple box-like structure with low roof. Bungalows are incorporated into this style.

The “Colonial Revival” style, which prevails in seventeen-percent of the homes, also incorporates a bungalow/cottage type of style. This includes clipped gables, small porches, and white columns under pediment roofs.

The “California” style homes, which were applied to the Bungalows, had evolved from the styles of architects Charles Sumner and Henry Mather Greene.

The style features very low pitched roofs, about one and a half stories, and typically have several different gables, which are projected at sharp, right-angles and happen on several different levels of the building. Stucco and brick versions of the building are very popular in Highland Park, where rafters and timbers are usually exposed features.

Another popular type of home in Highland Park is the “English Cottage“. These cottages have features popular in the Gothic and Medieval times. This includes steeply pitched gable roofs, facades that are complex and often lack symmetry, battered chimneys and leaded glass windows.


Located on S. Douglas Avenue, you’ll find the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has a beautiful exterior that exposes features dating from the Medieval times. Church goers describe the church community to be “close” and “tight-knit”.

Highland Park School

The local elementary school boasts excellent teachers and wonderful, good-natured children. The school offers the Extended Learning Program, where students can go to musicals and operas and participate in art and dance programs.

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