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Mt. Olympus Hills, Salt Lake City, UT

Mt. Olympus Hills in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mt. Olympus Hills, Salt Lake City, UT

Mt. Olympus Hills, or Olympus Cove,  is a neighborhood that was built on the northwestern slopes of Mount Olympus of the Wasatch Range.

However, this is considered to one of the most beautiful and peaceful stress free places within Salt Lake City, Utah. Mt. Olympus Hills is also known to possess one of the most peaceful stress free atmospheres as well.

Along with the peacefully stress free atmosphere, Mt. Olympus Hills contains a small percentage of residents allowing those that are thinking about moving into the area to not be concerned about frequent severe traffic conditions. While the Olympus cove may be considerable small, it crime rates are very low and ranked #15 in Utah.

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As of the census count in 2000, there were 7103 people, 2575 households and 2065 families residing in the area. According to the 2000 census count, there were 2673 housing units at an average density of 789.3 per square mile.

The racial makeup was 96.61% white, .21% , African-American, .18% Native American, 3.11 Asian, and .03% Pacific Islander. Out of the 2575 households, 31.0% had children under the age 18 living them, 72.2% were married couples living together, 5.6% had a female householder with no husband present while 19.8% were non-families.

Mt. Olympus Hills’ Educational System

When it comes to Olympus Cove’s educational system, it is considered to be above average with a percentage rate of 97%,  which is 9% higher than the state of Utah itself.

However, with the city’s educational percentage rate being at an all-time high, parents of children that attends educational institutions in the area are reassured that their children are getting the education they deserve.

Entertainment and Shopping in Mt. Olympus Hills

As a resident of Mt. Olympus Hills, you will have access to many amenities involving entertainment and shopping. One of the most commonly visited places, especially on Wednesdays due to the Ultimate Bowling feature, for entertainment is Bowling Lanes.

This is an amazing place for families to get together to spend time while having the time of their life. The Bowling Lanes are located in the Olympus Hills Shopping Center and open 7 days a week. Another great place many Olympus Hills residents visit is the Olympus Summit. The Olympus Summit is a hiking trail that reaches up to 9,026 feet allowing one to experience the great view of Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains.

Mt. Olympus Hills offer beautiful homes with many features. If you decide to look for a home here you will fall in love with the uniqueness that each home offers as well as the spacious floor plans. If you are a married couple and are planning to start a family. It is guaranteed that you will find a home that your family will not outgrow.

Depending on the person budget, the prices that are offered for available home in Mt. Olympus are considered to be the fairest prices you will ever see in the state. To the beautiful green grass to the beautiful blue skies, you will be happy you found such as place to live.

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